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UniQa Wall Systems

Glashandel Koelewijn has a strong relationship with Moldova. Through many years of engagement we have committed to various projects. Many projects were done through a local foundation Orhei.nl. One of the projects was the renovation of a large home for disabled boys. This renovation included: replacement and construction of a new water pump and the associated piping, the installation of two large Boilers, installing a large generator including all electricity and replacement and repair of the broken windows.

Through our involvement with Moldova we have now launched a new project in which we can further build on our commitment and experience. Glashandel Koelewijn is one of the initiators and participants in a group of companies and a foundation who has set up a factory to produce high-quality sandwich panels for residential construction and construction and renovation of buildings.

This factory is an officially registered Moldavian company under the name UniQa Wall Systems s.r.l.

The factory will be using high quality techniques to construct walls, floors and roofs. The products are being built with sandwich panels, using an innovative patented Dutch technology. UniQa can make complete houses in their factory. Besides producing prefabricated houses, Uniqa Wall Systems also provides sandwich panels for house extension, building renovation and small recreational houses.


The advantages of the UniQa technology are:

-          Very high insulation value of the panels (the panels are very useful for passive/energy neutral houses)

-          Fire-and water resistant

-          Easy to produce and install

-          Quick production and installation of houses (a house can be built in 3 months)

-          Containing no asbestos

-          Products are recyclable.


Through this initiative, we hope to achieve the following goals:


Ø  Creating jobs in a region where unemployment is a big problem

Ø  Provide assistance and advice on:

o    Implementing a quality assurance system

o   Implementing a system of safe working

o   Train workers and managers.

Ø  Expand our business activities in(to) Moldova

Ø  Contribute and take part in building and renovation project

Ø  Have a positive social impact, especially on families (it is our aim that parents can earn a good income in Moldova so that families can stay together and children can grow up with their parents).


Tel: 033 - 299 63 63


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